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What is depression?

People who suffer from depression can experience a variety of conditions that decrease their ability to function. The illness negatively affects how a person feels, thinks, and acts, and causes low mood and a loss of interest in normal activities.


How do I know if I’m suffering from depression?

The intensity of symptoms can range from mild to severe but must last at least two weeks for a depression diagnosis to be declared. Symptoms can include feeling sad, sleeping too little or too much, feelings of worthlessness, the inability to think or make decisions, a loss of energy, thoughts of suicide or death, or fatigue.


How can Atlas Realignment help with depression?

Recent research shows that chemicals in the brain can not only influence feelings of depression, but can also affect the function of nerve cells and nerve circuits. Treatment for depression in Stamford, CT, using Atlas Realignment can reduce pressure on the spinal cord and allow the central nervous system to work as it should.


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