Lyme Disease

With an Atlas Orthogonal Specialist

What is Lyme Disease?

Transmitted by the bite of an infected tick, Lyme Disease is the most common parasite-caused disease in the U.S.


What are symptoms of Lyme Disease?

The appearance of an erythema migrans (an expanding rash that can initially appear as a lesion that has the appearance of a bull’s eye) is the first sign of a Lyme disease infection in about 80 percent of people. Other early symptoms can include a fever, fatigue, and headaches. If left untreated, Lyme Disease can affect the heart, nervous system, and joints.


Atlas Realignment and Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease and its long-term effects can have a negative impact on the body, and can cause complications of existing conditions, especially in the neck and spine. The treatment of Lyme Disease in Stamford, CT, can be helped with Atlas Realignment, which will reposition the upper cervical region of the spine and reduce pressure on the spinal cord. The return of normal function of the blood vessels and nerves will ease the persistent pain that is being exacerbated by the effects of the Lyme Disease.





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