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With an Atlas Orthogonal Specialist
Our Story

CT Spine founder Dr. Scott Bender had been in a car accident and was suffering from severe headaches and chronic pain for more than a year before he sought treatment from a physician who was a specialist in Atlas Realignment.

Slowly, Dr. Bender began to get better and the headaches and pain he had endured eventually ended. Inspired by his own recovery and his desire to help people who live with chronic pain, Dr. Bender decided to specialize in the Atlas Orthogonal technique, which uses precision non-force percussion waves to realign the Atlas vertebra at the base of the skull.

About Dr. Bender

Dr. Bender is the only board-certified Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractor in Connecticut, and the only physician in the region who uses the DaVinci DX-10 Spinal Decompression technology during treatment.

Dr. Bender emphasizes personalized care and believes the Atlas Orthogonal technique promotes the natural and powerful healing capability of the body.

Step 1Consultation
Step 2Examinations
Step 3X-rays
Step 4Image Analysis

Pre-Treatment Process


We meet with each patient to discuss their specific issues and take a full medical history.

Pre-Treatment Process


Selected candidates undergo a complete physical and neurological exam.

Pre-Treatment Process


Before any treatment is started, X-rays will be taken of each candidate. The X-rays will be used as a guide during treatment. In some cases, an MRI or a CAT scan could be ordered.

Pre-Treatment Process

Image Analysis

All images will be examined by our team and a treatment plan will be formulated. All candidates receive a full report following our analysis and are advised of their recommended treatment.


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