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Upper Cervical Corrections

Learn how realignment of the bones in your neck allows the body to heal.

An explanation of post-COVID-19 syndrome:

Since COVID-19 is a relatively new illness and years of research data have yet to be collected or analyzed about the virus and its effect on people, the best explanation for post-COVID-19 Syndrome at this time can be defined as a lack of return to a usual state of health following an acute COVID-19 illness.

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Symptoms of post-COVID-19 syndrome:

At the current time, post-COVID-19 syndrome is the wide range of health consequences that are present in patients 4 or more weeks after the initial COVID-19 illness. Many symptoms are physical, but there can be any number of mental conditions seen in post-COVID-19 syndrome, including depression, anxiety, and mood changes. Physical symptoms can include fatigue, cough, headache, chest pain, brain fog or cognitive impairment, abdominal pain, diarrhea, fever, lightheadedness, dyspnea or increased respiratory effort, heart palpitations and/or tachycardia, to name some of the most common.

How Atlas Orthogonal treatments can help with post-COVID-19 syndrome

Because data remains scarce and symptoms are still being evaluated, post-COVID-19 Syndrome remains hard to determine. However, fatigue and a general malaise have been identified as two conditions that many people suffer. Treatment could benefit from a combination of the therapies we provide. Based on each patient, any one of our five modalities (Atlas Orthogonal, Spinal Decompression, Cold Laser Therapy, Frequency-Specific Microcurrent, or Synaptic Therapy) could be used separately or in conjunction with one another.

Our team will work with each patient to develop a treatment plan for post-COVID-19 Syndrome and will use the best aspects of each modality to deliver results.

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"It's small increments that make a huge difference so much so that I'm not thinking about it anymore."

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“The treatment is non-invasive and really quite pleasant. It gives you a feeling of more control over the issues.”

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“The procedure was so quick and simple. The results were immediate, the pressure was gone.”

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“Excellent medical professionals in chiropractor services and care. Contemporary modalities in treating any kind of pain especially neck and back as was the case with me.”

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