Chronic Pain

With an Atlas Orthogonal Specialist

What is chronic pain?

Described as any pain in the body that has lasted for more than six months, chronic pain can be the result of an injury, or pain that is the result of a physical condition in the body. Some patients can endure chronic pain long after an injury has healed because pain signals can remain active in the nervous system for years.


The symptoms of chronic pain

Chronic pain is pain that patients exhibit for more than six months. This can include tension in muscles, general pain in the body or muscles, headaches and migraines, and mobility pain.


How Atlas Realignment can ease chronic pain

As noted above, pain signals can remain active in the body for weeks, months, or even years after an injury has healed. Treatment for chronic pain in Stamford, CT, can be helped with an Atlas Realignment procedure. Realignment of the spine reduces pressure on the spinal cord and allows the central nervous system and pain receptors in the body to function properly.





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