Post Concussion Syndrome

With an Atlas Orthogonal Specialist

What is a concussion?

Statistics show that as many as 3 million people suffer a concussion in the U.S. every year. Also known as Mild Traumatic Brain Injury, concussions account for almost 80 percent of all traumatic brain injuries in the county each year. The majority of concussions occur during falls, but people also suffer concussions in car accidents, sports collisions, and criminal assaults.


What are the signs of a concussion?

People who suffer concussions experience severe headaches, slurred speech, dizziness, disruptions in sleep, and what is known as brain fog.


How can an Atlas Realignment help?

Treating concussions in Stamford, CT, with Atlas Realignment techniques has shown documented success with cranio-cervical injuries and the symptoms of post-concussion syndrome. More than 80 percent of patients who receive treatment from Dr. Bender experience complete or near-complete resolution of their pain and neck-related conditions.


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