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Upper Cervical Corrections

Learn how realignment of the bones in your neck allows the body to heal.

Whiplash symptoms don't always show up right away.

For many people, the real damage from whiplash injuries may not show up for decades after the initial trauma.

How your injury is treated can determine whether you heal properly or risk a life-long disability.

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Whiplash injuries can have a similar effect as concussions.

Initially thought to be just a minor soft tissue injury, it has now been shown that for many people the real damage may not show up for decades after the initial trauma. Some people may be sore for a few days or weeks after experiencing a whiplash injury and then feel as though they’ve completely recovered.

Symptoms can appear as chronic neck pain, weakness, headaches, migraines, fibromyalgia, bulging or ruptured discs, TMJ, dizziness, ringing in the ears, premature arthritis, PTSD… the list goes on and on.

Even more confusing is the fact that the time between the initial injury and the onset of debilitating symptoms is often so long that the patient doesn’t even realize that the two are directly related.

How your injury is treated can determine whether you heal properly or risk a life-long disability.

Patients who are treated through more traditional channels are frequently prescribed medications and may undergo some physical therapy. If these treatments fail, the patient may be sent to a pain clinic for a series of injections to manage the pain. Unfortunately, surgery is often their last resort.

In reality, none of the traditional treatments actually correct the most critical component of whiplash which is a condition called the Atlas Subluxation Complex. This condition occurs when one or both of the upper cervical vertebrae (top two bones in the upper neck) become misaligned and cause both neurological and musculoskeletal damage. This condition is most commonly detected through a thorough examination by an Upper Cervical Chiropractor.

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Mild trauma, such as whiplash, can cause an atlas subluxation (neck misalignment) that will often go undetected to the untrained eye. It is this type of injury that can lead to years of unnecessary pain and suffering. 

If you, or anyone you know has had a whiplash-type injury, do yourself and your family a favor and get checked by an Upper Cervical Chiropractor today!

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