Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

With an Atlas Orthogonal Specialist

What is chronic fatigue?

People who suffer from chronic fatigue can find it difficult to manage the most basic daily tasks, which is why it is such a complicated and debilitating illness to treat. Activities such as showering, cooking and even getting out of bed become almost unmanageable chores. Patients are unlikely to improve if chronic fatigue is treated with rest and only makes keeping a job, maintaining a social life, and having a normal family life less manageable.


What are the symptoms of chronic fatigue?

Mental and physical exhaustion are the most obvious signs of chronic fatigue. People can also have difficulty thinking or concentrating, or experience noticeable weariness after any type of exertion. Other physical signs are headaches, a sore throat or swelling of the lymph nodes, or pain if joints and muscles.


How can Atlas Realignment help you conquer chronic fatigue?

Energy impulses to areas of the body can be blocked when the spinal column is out of alignment, restricting the nervous system’s ability to send signals to the body. When nerves are pinched, the nervous system’s automatic processes are disrupted, including the body’s way of using energy. Treating chronic fatigue in Stamford, CT, with Atlas Realignment can reduce pressure on the spinal cord and allow the nervous system to send energy impulses to the body as intended.





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