With an Atlas Orthogonal Specialist

What is sciatica?

The term refers to the pain that is caused when the sciatica nerve, which runs from the lower back through the hips and down the legs, is compressed.


Common symptoms of sciatica?

Compression of the sciatica nerve can cause pain in the lower back, hip, buttocks, or leg that worsens when you sit. Other symptoms are a constant pain in one leg or one side of the buttocks or a shooting pain that makes it difficult to stand.


How Atlas Realignment can help conquer sciatica

When the Atlas vertebrae is realigned to the orthogonal or neutral position, pressure on the spinal cord is relieved, which restores proper nerve function. The realignment would also ease the compression or pinching of the sciatica nerve and ease pain. An Atlas Realignment procedure is also a great way to prevent future treatment for sciatica pain in Stamford, CT.


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