With an Atlas Orthogonal Specialist
“I had some neck trauma some years ago through a car accident and it it was at that time I never put it together but I started to have some lower back issues and some leg weakness and balance issues and it just it was an ongoing problem that continued and increased over the years and no matter what I tried to do and I i went to various doctors and no one was ever able to help me reduce those symptoms so much something I just lived with for a long time.”
Lou Ann Giunta
October 2013
“The first symptoms really were tinnitus sometimes called tinnitus ringing in the head and that came about through a lifetime of noise exposure and and also some whiplash that I had on the tennis court and about six months after that happened I started getting the ring the experience itself is obviously not much fun because you you feel out of control someone and since the view I understand maybe what causes it but it's very difficult to treat and takes a while to find the right solution.”
Richard Allen
October 2013
“In October of 2009 I was in a car accident and it was virtually a head-on collision my neck and my head my face my neck took most of the impact from the airbag and so I started having headaches and the next day I went to my my general practitioner and he prescribed physical therapy and some drugs.”
Cortina Orr
October 2013
“I have been seeing Dr. Bender for the past 10 years. I originally saw him for my daily migraines. I have tried many different modalities to no avail. Dr. Bender has helped me with Migraines. I must say I haven’t had a migraine since my 3rd visit. His office manager Asma always friendly and helpful. I’ve referred many family members and several patients. All have wonderful stories to share..”
Gail Lauro
May 2021
“Dr Scott and his office staff are always warm and welcoming. All covid safety measures are taken. He and Asma were so kind to me when I was upset about my condition. I originally came to correct severe neck pain and vertigo. The results have been amazing. I cannot thank them enough.”
Lori Brannigan-Wisniewski
April 2021
“This chiropractic practice focuses only on patient centered wellness. Dr. Bender and Dr. Dashti, and staff are beyond what anyone could dream for. Always providing excellant compassionate care! They brought my recovery to an entirely new level when all odds were not in favor. Through their stellar treatments I have reclaimed my thriving life back.”
Sherry S
April 2021
“Dr. Bender and Dr. Dashti are the best! They want to make sure that you are cared for in the best possible way. They really do care! Dr Bender takes the time to check in each time I am there on a day he is not treating me. He always asks about my son who is also a patient. Dr. Dashti has taken the time in between sessions to do research on my issues and then uses that info to find the best treatment plan for my body. I am having great results and feeling better each time I visit. I feel very lucky to have found them! I can not recommend them more highly.”
Lauren Gale-Napach
July 2020
“Dr. Bender is the most conscientious doctor I’ve ever had. He truly cares about each and every one of his patients. After a traumatic injury, I was in so much pain. The relief I’ve felt is amazing. He works magic.”
Tina Parz
July 2020
“I have been coming to Dr Bender since 2006 and he has been a catalyst towards me being pain free. His knowledge and desire to bring awareness about chiropractic to everyone that walks into his office is very impressive. I highly recommend him and his office.”
SiSi James
May 2016
“Dr Bender is a healer! He has helped me tremendously. When I came in with a neck problem, he immediately determined what it was and proceeded to treat it. After a few short sessions he completely alleviated my pain which allows me to continue to live a normal pain free life. Thank you Dr. Bender!”
Robert Cacioppo
May 2016
“I simply cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Scott Bender and his progressive Chiropractic practice! I have been a patient of this practice for nearly two decades including while residing in NY. Dr. Denna Dashti is as talented as she is lovely and the Office Manager, Asma is always professional, helpful and caring about the patients in the practice. I remain most grateful for the high-level of quality care that I've received from all members of CT Spine & Health!”
Devynne Tortora
April 2021
“I just want to say how professional and caring this place is. Both dr bender and dr dashti are very helpful to me. I have a herniated disc for a while and they both treat me very well. I would highly recommend everyone to come see these two doctors. They are the best and make me feel better each time I go and get treatment. It’s less stress for me and very relaxing. They take there time with me no matter what that are doing. Also, I have to say the secretary is very sweet and kind she will always give me an appointment right away when I need one because I am in so much pain. I would prefer all my family and friends go to them if they need treatment.”
Aisha Ahmad
April 2021
“We started seeing Dr. Bender to help with chronic migraines for our son about 5 years ago and since he has been completely cured of them. Dr. B patiently and thoroughly explained the issue and guided us through the healing process (this after wasting endless time on other dr's seeking solutions). Started with that 1 son and now the entire family (5) sees him and we are so grateful for him and his entire staff. The atmosphere in the office is zen and professional and very friendly. Asma is always so accommodating and Dr. Dashti is a lovely addition to the office! In a nutshell, Dr. B is a Godsend for us and we urge everyone to see him!”
Jennifer F
April 2021
“Dr. Bender is the best Chiropractor ever!! He helped me so much with my headaches. I would recommend him to anybody!! The office manager Erica is sweet and patient!”
Pamela O'Melia
May 2016
“Dr.Bender is great! He takes time with his patients and listens to their concerns. After years of living with chronic migraines, I'm glad to say that with a few months of seeing Dr.Bender, I'm essentially head ache free. Thanks, Dr.Bender!”
Erica Lopez
May 2016
“Dr. Bender is a skilled professional who knows what he is doing and is very attentive and conscientious. I have received spinal decompression and adjustments from him, and I would recommend him for treatment to anyone who has neck or back pain or similar problems. ”
Richard Roll
May 2016